Our Coffee

At Indigo, our coffees are all 90+ grade and are sourced from a variety of regions around the world. Coffee is a natural product and as such is subject to change due to availability, however in an attempt to maintain and uphold consistency our milk based 'Indigo' blend is comprised of a well rounded selection of Central and South American coffees as well as of some of Africa's most exciting coffees.


Here at Indigo we are committed to delivering our customers an unrivalled coffee drinking experience. We serve a full range of espresso and milk based beverages while delivering a variety of speciality brewing methods for our customers including; Cold Drip and Filter styles of coffee. We are wholeheartedly committed to bringing the best quality product possible through various methods of quality control including a consistent liaison between our co-roaster.

We roast our green beans fresh every week, including our single origin of the week using the some of best roasting equipment available and in conjunction with specialist roasters La Hacienda whom with we continually strive for a high quality, consistent product for our customers.  

We extract our espresso through the latest 4 group La Marzocco GB/5 and use the top of the range Mazzer Robur Electric grinders ensuring consistency and quality of product no matter how busy we are. 

Our barista are all veterans of the industry and as such most of them have more than 5 years consecutive experience in only the busiest and best espresso bars and cafes in Sydney and around the world, they are true artisans who really help in bringing a fantastic quality product to life and ensuring that they can always get the very most out of our exceptional milk based blend and wide variety of very special and unique single origin coffees. 

Lifes to short for bad coffee, so we try our upmost to give you the absolute best.