all day breakfast

breads- sour dough, sour rye, levain white, turkish,

gluten free add 1.5 , fruit loaf, banana bread, croissant   6

hanks jams- triple berry, marmalade, pear & vanilla, fig & cinnamon


eggs (df/v)- poached, fried, scrambled, soft boiled w dried tomato & toast   14

egg whites – add 3.5


eggs benedict (gfo)- poached eggs & hollandaise on brioche

spinach & mushroom (v)   19.5

smoked salmon   19

honey roasted ham   18


12 hour bbq pulled pork benedict (gfo)– poached eggs, memphis bbq sauce,

slow cooked pork shoulder, maple, chilli & hollandaise on levain toast   21


breakfast bruschetta (gfo/df)- bacon, poached eggs, tomato onion

& avocado salsa, basil & balsamic reduction   24.9


poached egg & avo mash (gfo/v)- persian fetta, ricotta, almond flakes & herbs on toast   20


green breakie bowl(df) - poached eggs, seasonal asian green vegetables,

furikake nuts dukkah, chilli, garlic, onion, pickled cucumber, wakame sunomono,

kimchi, kale & brown rice   24

add roasted asian marinated salmon   6


corn cakes (df)–  bacon, guacamole, harissa aioli, tomato, red onion, snow peas, mint & pomegranate salsa   23


crepe normande (gf) -  buckwheat crepe, smoked salmon, mushrooms, spinach, potatoes, dill creme fraiche and poached egg 23


heart smart egg white omelette (gf/df/v)- melody of mushrooms, quinoa, truffle oil, kale & rocket w/ house tomato juice  24.9


spanish open omelette (gfo)– baby spinach, chorizo, prosciutto,

red onion, roasted peppers, persian fetta & olives   24.9


 make your own omelette (gfo/dfo/vo)   15

add capsicum, spring onion, tomato, cheese, olives   2

kale, mushroom, bacon, honey leg ham   3


 sides– ricotta, baked beans, fresh or grilled tomatoes, baby spinach   4

bacon, hash brown, honey roasted ham, mushrooms, tomato relish   5

pork chorizo, kimchi, feta, avocado salsa, haloumi, smoked salmon, avocado   6


 roasted peaches french toast (v) –  honey lavender creme brûlée, raspberry crisps, dark chocolate & berry sorbet   23


pancakes (v)- caramelised banana, maple syrup & vanilla whipped mascarpone   23


porridge (dfo/v)- organic oats, roasted rhubarb & strawberry compote w blue gum honey   16.5


vegan breakfast bowl (v)- roasted chat potatoes, harissa hummus, onion, crispy kale, almonds and cherry tomatoes  20


indigo granola (v)– homemade granola, nuts, candied pineapple, mango puree, seasonal berries & açai sorbet 18


bircher (v)– coconut water, grated fresh apple, yoghurt, almond meal,

roasted almonds, pineapple, pomegranate, lemon balm & seasonal berries   18.5


fruit plate (gf/v)- triple cream yoghurt, honey & mint   19.5


lunch from 11.30

brunch we love (ask for today's dishes)

Fish of the Day - created daily using Australia's finest ocean fresh seafood 32

Plate of the Day - sourced daily then showcased by our award winning chefs

from the ocean 26, the farm 24, the garden 23


small plates

crispy soft shell crab bao buns (df) –  charcoal bao, corriander & cucumber wasabi  21


smoked salmon bruschetta (gfo) - goats cheese, caper berries, parsley,

red onion, celery, baby herbs, olive oil & salmon caviar   21


bbq pulled pork soft tacos– mexican cheese, memphis style bbq sauce,

iceberg, coriander, onion, salad cream dressing, pickled pepperoncini peppers & spicy salsa   21



asian marinated roasted salmon (df)– miso coleslaw, carrot, shallots, cabbage, coriander,

snowpea shoots, edamame beans, cucumber, mint, thai basil, chilli, garlic, lime,

rice wine vinegar, maple syrup, sesame oil, olive oil w tahini dressing   29


peach & prosciutto  (gf) - Persian feta, roasted hazelnuts, mixed leaves, raspberry and lime vinaigrette 26  add chicken 6


superfood chicken (gf)- marinated grilled chicken, almonds, linseeds, lemon, garlic, sunflower seeds, cavolo nero, persian fetta, quinoa, spanish onion, grilled carrot ribbons, red oak lettuce & french vinaigrette   29


sandwiches & burgers


reuben open sandwich (gfo)– house made wagyu corn beef, cabbage slaw, red onion, pickles,

red cheddar cheese & honey american mustard on new york rye w dressed leaves  22


bbq spiced chicken open sandwich (gfo/df)–roasted pineapple, crispy bacon, beetroot, red oak lettuce   & house bbq aioli   21


king prawn bruschetta (gfo) – mango and corn salsa, jalapeño, lime and guacamole 28


wagyu burger ms3+ –classic beef patty, pickles, red cheddar cheese, american mustard,

ketchup, diced onions, crispy bacon, aioli on a milk bun w beer battered chips   24


chickpea, lentil & halloumi burger (v) – harissa mint yoghurt, garlic, red chilli, cumin, coriander, turmeric, smoked paprika, parsley, spring onion, mint, tomato relish, milk bun w beer battered chips  22 add grilled chicken   6


large plates


tuna poke bowl –  jasmine rice, crisp iceberg lettuce, avocado, radish, mango, edamame, sesame seeds, spring onions, alfalfa sprouts & ponzu dressing 29


king prawn pasta – chorizo, roasted almonds, persian fetta,

basil, onion, chilli, baby basil, butter, garlic, parsley,

handmade rigatoni & white wine   34


lamb backstrap kofte (df)– green hummus, flat bread, soused cabbage & salad w/chips   29


beef tenderloin - spicy beef tenderloin (ms4), crisp cabbage, cashew nuts, cucumber, coriander, lime & crispy noodle salad 32


 gf - gluten free /gfo - gluten free option available / df - dairy free / v – vegetarian


allergies - please inform your server if you have any dietary needs or allergies.

whilst we will be able to confirm if dishes are free of any whole ingredients, we cannot confirm that the dishes will be free of any traces.



coffee by ‘the reformatory caffeine lab’

regular 4.3 large 5.3
soy, decaf, extra shot 50c
almond milk, macamilk 1
regular 4.8 large 5.8
hot chocolate
regular 4.5 large 5.5
matcha latte 4.5
turmeric latte 4.5
cold drip 6
iced coffee 7
iced chai 6
strawberry hibiscus apple iced tea 6


cold press
orange juice 8
green juice 9

fresh squeezed juices
carrot, apple, pineapple, celery, watermelon, ginger, beetroot, mint 9

berry, mango, pineapple, guava passionfruit 9

green vegan 10
berry breakfast 10
chocolate, strawberry, caramel, vanilla 8


mango, pineapple or peach 8

pineapple 7.5
watermelon & mint 7.5

ALCOHOL all day cocktails

I feel peachy bellini  18

breakfast club 20

dark passion martini 20

anita garibaldi aperol  18

apple & strawberry pimms
12 glass 22 carafe

bloody mary 18

non alcoholic 
berry much in love with you 15

double bay mule 15

virgin mary 12

beer & cider
cascade light 7
peroni 8.5
little creatures 8.5
monteith apple cider 8.5

2018 kimi sauvignon blanc
9 glass 23 carafe 37 bottle

2019 see saw pinot gris
9 glass 25 carafe 40 bottle

2017 secret garden chardonnay
10 glass 27 carafe 45 bottle

2017 rose font freye la gordonne
13 glass 35 carafe 48 bottle

2016 petits detours pinot noir
12 glass 32 carafe 45 bottle

2016 bud burst shiraz
10 glass 30 carafe 40 bottle

sparkling / champagne
nv lazona prosecco
10 glass 38 bottle

louis roederer
130 bottle