all day breakfast
breads - sour dough, sour rye, levain white, turkish,
gluten free add 2 , fruit loaf, banana bread, croissant 6
hanks jams - triple berry, marmalade, pear & vanilla, paw paw & passion fruit

eggs - poached, fried, scrambled (dairy free), soft boiled w dried tomato & toast 13
egg whites – add 3.5

eggs benedict - poached eggs & hollandaise on brioche
spinach & mushroom 19.5
smoked salmon 18.5
honey roasted ham 17.5
12 hr bbq pulled pork 19.5

breakfast bruschetta - bacon, poached eggs, tomato onion
& avocado salsa, basil & balsamic reduction 24.5

poached egg & avo mash - persian fetta, ricotta, almond flakes & herbs on toast 20

green breakie bowl - poached eggs, seasonal asian green vegetables, wakame sunomono, nuts,
szechuan & five spice dukkah, pickled cucumber, chilli, garlic, onion, kimchi, kale & brown rice 24
add roasted salmon 6

corn & kohlrabi cakes – baby spinach, bacon, dill aioli, avocado guacamole puree,
spanish onion, jalapeno, mint, dill, cucumber, roasted capsicum & tomato relish 23

sweet potato cakes - poached eggs, hazelnut & pistachio dukkah,
lemon & chilli labna, cracked wheat & smoked salmon 23

heart smart egg white omelette - kale, roasted zucchini, avocado,
tomato, asian mushroom & herbs served with a green juice 24.5

spanish open omelette - spinach, chorizo, prosciutto,
red onion, roasted peppers, persian fetta & olives 23

make your own omelette 14
add capsicum, spring onion, tomato, cheese, olives 2
kale, mushroom, bacon, honey leg ham 3

sides – ricotta, baked beans, fresh or grilled tomatoes, baby spinach 4
bacon, spicy beef sausage, hash brown, honey roasted ham, mushrooms, basil pesto, tomato relish 5
pork chorizo, kimchi, feta, sweet potato cake, avocado salsa, haloumi, smoked salmon, avocado 6

chocolate french toast – strawberry & raspberry jam, bacon, nutella & honeycomb butter,
freeze dried raspberries, pistachio, fairy floss, oreo crumble & vanilla ice cream 24

pancakes - caramelised banana, maple syrup & vanilla whipped mascarpone 22

porridge - organic oats, roasted rhubarb & strawberry compote w blue gum honey 15.5

natural muesli - house made muesli, raspberry & strawberry compote, fruit & yoghurt 15.5

acai berry granola - apple, acai & banana ice puree, triple cream yoghurt,
honey pistachio & quinoa granola, topped w fresh berries 17.5

bircher – coconut water, grated fresh apple, yoghurt, almond meal,
roasted almonds, pineapple, pomegranate, lemon barm & seasonal berries 18

fruit plate - triple cream yoghurt, honey & mint 19

lunch from 11.30

small plates
korean pork belly sliders – confit pork belly pressed & fried,
picked cucumber, ssamjang glaze & baby spinach on brioche buns 18

lemon & pepper fried calamari – caper & celery potato salad,
dill aioli, sumac, smoked paprika & red elk 19

smoked salmon bruschetta - goats cheese, caper berries,
parsley, red onion, celery, baby herbs, olive oil & salmon caviar 19

chicken kofta skewers – garlic, cumin, coriander, mint, onion, olive oil, honey,
cracked wheat & tabouli w turmeric yoghurt tahini & grilled pita bread 18

salmon - roasted salmon, mint, peas, shallots, avocado, white cabbage, garlic, ginger,
thai basil, baby spinach & roasted peanuts w a lemon & mint vinaigrette dressing 28.5

seared tuna – green beans, kipfler potato, olives, truss tomato, roasted onion, basil, pine nuts, dill, cucumber, celery hearts, poached egg & battered white anchovies, w a seeded mustard dressing 28.5

raw vegetable – coconut milk cooked quinoa, carrot ribbons, parsnip ribbons,
purple cabbage, toasted walnuts, pomegranate, rosemary leaves, garlic, tamari,
roasted sesame seeds & spring onion w a maple & lime juice dressing 25
add poached chicken 4

superfood chicken - marinated grilled chicken, almonds, linseeds, lemon,
garlic, sunflower seeds, cavolo nero, quinoa, persian fetta, spanish onion,
grilled carrot ribbons, red oak lettuce & french vinaigrette 29

sandwiches & burgers

reuben open sandwich – wagyu corn beef, cabbage slaw, red onion, pickles,
red cheddar cheese & honey american mustard on new york rye w dressed leaves 21

poached chicken open sandwich - persian fetta, grilled zucchini,
onions, dressed leaves, roasted capsicum salsa & aioli 20.5

king prawn bruschetta – avo mash, cucumber, red capsicum, truss tomato,
garlic butter, red onion w red vein leaf & dill aioli served on garlic levain bread 27

haloumi burger - beetroot & truffle chickpea patty, dill & crushed pea aioli,
caramelised onion, baby spinach & mushroom duxelle on a milk bun w beer battered chips 24
add grilled chicken 6

wagyu burger ms3+ - classic beef patty, pickles, red cheddar cheese, american mustard,
ketchup, diced onions, crispy bacon, aioli on a milk bun w beer battered chips 24

large plates

spiced lamb – mejadra rice, grilled baba ghanoush, garlic, roasted onion,
cumin, coriander, parsley, tahini, mint yoghurt, turmeric, persian feta & lemon
w mint & sesame zar’atar falafels & rosemary sea salt crispy flat bread 30

king prawn pasta - chorizo, roasted almonds, persian fetta, basil, onion,
chilli, baby basil, butter, garlic, parsley, hand made rigatoni & white wine 34

wagyu steak – marinated eye fillet (ms4), kale, brown rice, garlic, shallots,
steamed asian green vegetables, green papaya tam som, avocado salsa, chili, soy,
mint, thai basil, coriander, lemon grass & sesame oil w/ laos inspired gremolata 29

okonomiyaki pancake – red cabbage, shallots, garlic, flour, eggs, salt & pepper chilli edamame beans, miso paste, garlic, sesame oil & baby coriander served w/ sides of soy chilli & ssamjang sauce 23
add spiced bacon or 12 hr bbq pulled pork 6


indigo double bay

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