At Indigo, we respect great produce and source the highest quality ingredients daily from the markets and suppliers, with this in mind indigo’s philosophy is "FRESH IS BEST".


Our milk - South Coast

We use small boutique producer of quality local milk for the South Coast of NSW.

The driving force behind South Coast Milk was to supply the freshest dairy products to the local market that were of the highest quality. the farmers have had many years experience, with many boasting generations of family involvement in dairying. To us, dairy farming is not just a job - it’s a passion.

Apart from the spectacular natural environs, the South Coast is an ideal environment for the dairy industry. Our carefully selected herds are nurtured on arguably some of the richest pastures to be found anywhere in Australia, and tended by equally devoted farmers who really care about the health and wellbeing of their herds. These key advantages result in, what we believe to be, premium quality milk that is absolutely the freshest available.

We use South Coast in all kitchen and coffee production down to pancakes, milkshakes, porridge and your favourite milk based coffees. 


Our dairy free options include Bonsoy soy milk and Nutritious Good's Inside Out almond milk. These two dairy free options represent the highest quality non-dairy products possible and offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy an alternate to dairy that provides them the same enjoyment and experience without hampering the quality of the product that we serve. 


Our bread comes from one of the best sourdough bakery in Sydney, Brasserie Bread.

Award winning, simply the best!


Our pastries and baked goods are all made on-site here at  indigo by our chefs. (gluten free baked goods available)


Our seafood is ocean fresh, sourced locally and delivered daily straight to the plate. 


Our meat is from the biggest and best quality meat suppliers in Australia Vic’s meats (Victor Churchill). Vic’s meat has the widest range of grain and grass fed products including the largest range of fine small goods.


Our eggs are free range and delivered daily from the farm for the freshest breakfast in town.